David Cassidy Biography (1950-2017)

David Cassidy Biography

David Cassidy

David Cassidy

David Cassidy was a vocalist and on-screen character most popular for his featuring job during the 1970s melodic TV arrangement ‘The Partridge Family.’

Who Was David Cassidy?

Born in New York City in 1950, David Cassidy rose to distinction as the heartthrob of the 1970s melodic TV arrangement The Partridge Family. Notwithstanding being well known on TV, the anecdotal family scored radio hits with melodies, for example, “I Think I Love You.” After the show’s decision, Cassidy kept on acting in shows and with theater creations, and in later years he opened up about his battles with substance misuse.

Early Life

Vocalist, entertainer and TV star David Bruce Cassidy was born on April 12, 1950, in New York City. Child of on-screen character and vocalist Jack Cassidy and on-screen character Evelyn Ward, Cassidy assembled his own profession as a performer, most prominently as one of the stars of the melodic TV arrangement The Partridge Family during the 1970s. Growing up, he was encompassed by the entertainment biz. His folks separated from when he was a kid, and his dad wedded entertainer and vocalist Shirley Jones in 1956.

David Cassidy Father

Jack Cassidy

David Cassidy Father

David Cassidy Father

Born in Manhattan, New York, David was the lone offspring of Jack Cassidy and Evelyn Ward, the two on-screen characters. His folks separated from when he was six, and at 11 he moved to Los Angeles to live with Jack and his subsequent spouse, the on-screen character Shirley Jones, who later played his mom in The Partridge Family. David had a bad-tempered association with his dad, a drunkard who loathed both Jones’ prosperity and his child’s inevitable superstardom. Jack kicked the bucket in a house fire in 1976, and David later went through five years in treatment to “increase point of view”.

His dad had prodded his enthusiasm for acting, be that as it may, which he followed when he completed school. Moving back to Manhattan, in 1969 he handled a job in a Broadway appear, The Fig Leaves are Falling. It shut following four evenings, yet a throwing chief spotted him during the run and he came back to California, where he immediately got TV jobs that conveyed his capacity to extend innocent, crisp confronted defenselessness.

His spell as Keith Partridge made him a moment star. At 20, he looked youthful enough to spend for 16-year-old Keith, however where Keith was healthy, Cassidy fiddled with drugs and adored the blues, when flaunting that BB King had let him convey his guitar. The distinction wasn’t evident to fans, who expected he and Keith were exchangeable – in 1972, a baffled Cassidy tried presenting stripped for Rolling Stone magazine, and uncovered in the going with talk with his prejudice to drink, medications and sex. In spite of the fact that his fans were stunned and titillated, the article didn’t accomplish his essential point, which was to pull in an increasingly adult crowd.

He had been contracted on the show as an entertainer as opposed to an artist, yet when his shockingly full voice ended up being more than tolerable, he was drafted in to add genuine vocals to the tunes emulated each week (he and Jones were the main cast individuals who sang on Partridge Family collections). He had colossal hits with both Partridge material and his own records. The principal Partridge single, I Think I Love You (1970), supposedly sold 4m duplicates, and Cassidy’s very own portion records, quite Cherish (1971), How Can I Be Sure (1972) and Daydreamer (1973), were inevitable on mid 70s radio.

David Cassidy Mother

Evelyn Ward

David Cassidy Mother

David Cassidy Mother

Evelyn Ward was known for her Broadway musicals, and she was a genuine wonder, as well! David Cassidy was Evelyn Ward’s lone youngster, who she had with her first spouse.

With David Cassidy’s demise in the news, many appear to investigate the individuals nearest to him. Here are some not really verifiable truths about David Cassidy’s mom, just as some Evelyn Ward pics for you to appreciate.

Evelyn Ward was conceived on May 21, 1923, in West Orange, New Jersey, where she was raised. She originated from a Swedish, Irish, and Colonial American foundation, and her progenitors were among the originators of Newark, New Jersey.

David Cassidy Children

David Cassidy Daughter

Katie Cassidy
David Cassidy Daughter

David Cassidy Daughter

Katie Cassidy – the little girl of onetime Partridge Family sensation and adolescent icon David Cassidy and style model Sherry Williams – kicked off her acclaim not as an on-screen character yet as a high schooler pop star, à la Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson. A prepared vocalist from the age of 12, Katie collaborated with music super maker Joel Diamond in 2004, and discharged her first single that late spring, banking off of her dad’s notoriety with a redo of “I Think I Love You.” In 2005, Cassidy showed up in a repetitive job on the well-known family dramatization Seventh Heaven as Zoe. She slid into the element field unfavorably, as Kelli, one of the slasher unfortunate casualties in the abnormal, basically panned gorefest Black Christmas, at that point ventured to every part of the comedic course with supporting jobs in the Adam Sandler vehicle Click (2006), the outfit picture You Are Here (2007, as a hopeful Hollywood climber), and the Cary Elwes parody Walk the Talk (2007). Cassidy is maybe most popular, be that as it may, for her repetitive job as Ruby on Supernatural, a program about several youngsters traveling the nation over in their dark Impala and warding off malice heavenly powers. In 2008 she showed up in the movies crush Taken and lined that up with one of the principal parts in the 2010 change of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

David Cassidy Son

Beau Cassidy
David Cassidy Son

David Cassidy Son

Playmate Cassidy is verification positive that hereditary qualities are a central point in generational ability. He originates from a long ancestry of incredibly effective artists, entertainers, musicians, and on-screen characters. His dad, David Cassidy, was the #1 Pop Icon of the ’70s featuring as Keith Partridge on “The Partridge Family”. His uncle, Shaun Cassidy, was another adolescent star of the 70’s hit show “The Hardy Boys”. His granddad, Jack Cassidy, was a widely acclaimed Tony Award-winning on-screen character and entertainer. His progression grandma, Shirley Jones is an Academy Award-winning artist/entertainer. What’s more, significantly progressively up close and personal, his sister, Katie Cassidy is featuring Laurel Lance on the hit CW arrangement, “Bolt”.

Growing up, it was promptly certain that Beau had gotten the presentation bug himself. Conceived in Los Angeles and brought up in Fort Lauderdale, FL, he went to secondary school at the University School of NSU, featuring in the two musicals and plays including “The Wedding Singer”, “The Music Man”, “Copacabana”, and “Pride and Prejudice”. At the youthful age of 16, he was given a role as Mickey Johnston in Stagedoor Manor’s late spring generation of Blood Brothers, featuring as a similar job his dad did on Broadway 15 years prior.

This exhibition way, in the long run, leads Beau to go to the Boston University School of Theater, where he went through 2 years featuring in “A Hatful of Rain” and David Auburn’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Verification” among others.

His ongoing film credits incorporate featuring Freddy in the Netflix Original thriller “Mother Claus: Deck the Halls with Guts” and furthermore featuring Jack Wright in the non-mainstream short film Meeting Mr. Wright.

‘The Partridge Family’

Jones and Cassidy proceeded to play mother and child on The Partridge Family, which appeared in the fall of 1970. Danny Bonaduce and Susan Dey were likewise key individuals from the cast. Notwithstanding being mainstream on TV, the anecdotal family scored a few radios hits, for example, “I Think I Love You,” which included Cassidy on lead vocals. He played the family gathering’s young heartthrob in the arrangement, and got one of the decade’s greatest adolescent symbols, in actuality, also. Discharging a few hit collections, Cassidy had a fruitful vocation as an independent craftsman for quite a while.

By the mid-1970s, be that as it may, Cassidy’s adolescent fan base had proceeded onward. He handled his own TV dramatization, David Cassidy – Man Undercover, in 1978, however, it went on for one season. After the arrangement finished, Cassidy looked for some kind of employment in theater, acting in territorial and visiting creations. He at that point had a fruitful run in Las Vegas, starting with the show EFX in 1996. With his 1999 Vegas generation, The Rat Pack Is Back!, Cassidy filled in as co-author and co-maker. The next year, he featured in At the Copa, which he created with his third spouse, Sue Shifrin-Cassidy.

Later Career

Cassidy shared his background with perusers in his 2007 personal history, Could It Be Forever? My Story. He kept on visiting, performing live for crowds in the United States and abroad. He likewise came back to TV in the parody arrangement entitled Ruby and the Rockits, created and delivered by his sibling Shaun and co-featuring his sibling Patrick, in 2009. In 2013, he showed up on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Personal Life and Children

Cassidy had two children. From his association with model Sherry Williams, he fathered a little girl named Katie, who is additionally an entertainer and artist. In the wake of the wedding his third spouse in 1991, the two had a child, Beau. The couple finished their separation in 2016.

Cassidy made his battles with liquor and substance misuse open in 2008. He was accused of a progression of DUI offenses and entered recovery in 2014. In 2015, Cassidy petitioned for financial protection, and in 2017, he uncovered to People magazine that he was experiencing dementia, an illness his granddad and mom likewise combat. “I was trying to claim ignorance, however, a piece of me generally knew this was coming,” he told People.

Cassidy additionally reported that he would quit visiting. “I need to concentrate on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been with no interruptions,” he said. “I need to adore. I need to appreciate life.”

David Cassidy Funeral

There won’t be a burial service for David Cassidy.

The Partridge Family star died at 67 years old on Tuesday in the wake of being hospitalized for organ disappointment.

His rep told E! News in an announcement Tuesday evening, “in the interest of the whole Cassidy family, it is with incredible misery that we report the death of our dad, our uncle, and our dear sibling, David Cassidy. David passed on encompassed by those he adored, with happiness in his heart and liberated from the agony that had held him for such a long time. Much thanks to you for the bounty and bolster you have indicated him these numerous years.”

David Cassidy Documentary

David Cassidy Documentary

David Cassidy Documentary

The documentary will show the last chronicle sessions of David Cassidy’s life as he took a shot at what might be his last EP Songs My Father Taught Me, which was discharged after death after his demise on November 27th, 2017 from Organ Failure. The documentary will appear as Cassidy’s wellbeing decayed drastically throughout the studio film and will likewise give a review of Cassidy’s life from different points through sound tapes from the 70s and meetings conceded by Alice Cooper, Kim Barnes, and Hal Blaine a portion of his individual stars on the Partridge family appear.

The review of the documentary by An and E additionally contains taped discussions among Cassidy and a maker dated around when the unbelievable vocalist was determined to have a Liver sickness. The conditions encompassing his analysis hasn’t been clear this while, and this documentary ought to give genuinely necessary explanations to his Fans. Cassidy had before uncovered in a meeting before his passing that he had dementia.

In a meeting on Dr. Phil’s show back in March 2017, he had talked about his battles with dementia which is known to cause continuous, long haul memory misfortune. He talked about his experience and battles with DR Phil on the show guaranteeing he was determined to have the infection two years sooner yet the mystery clasps to the new documentary uncover this was an untruth.

In the secret clasp for the uncommon, Cassidy calls an A&E maker named Saralena to educate her concerning his ongoing determination.

“The initial scarcely any days I was oblivious and close to death. The most recent week or so my memory has returned,” Cassidy says in the call. “That is such a gift. That implies I’m perceptive of my environment. That I’m alive, and it’s daytime, and I recognize what day of the week it is.

There is no indication of me having dementia at this phase of my life. It was a finished liquor harming. Also, the truth of the matter is, I lied about my drinking. ”

Cassidy included that the head specialist at the medical clinic where he was analyzed had disclosed to him that she accepted that dementia he thought he had been straightforwardly identified with his liquor addiction.


On November 18, 2017, news surfaced that Cassidy was in basic condition at an emergency clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He kicked the bucket three days after the fact on November 21, from liver disappointment. His marketing expert discharged an announcement from his family which stated: “David kicked the bucket encompassed by those he adored, with satisfaction in his heart and liberated from the torment that had grasped him for such a long time.”

In December, it was uncovered that Cassidy had left most of his home to his child, Beau, just as music memorabilia to his three half-kin. His will indicated that no advantages would be given to his little girl, Katie, with whom he had a here and there relationship, however, she appeared at her dad’s bedside during his last days.

In the Biography narrative extraordinary, David Cassidy: The Last Session, Cassidy uncovered that he didn’t experience the ill effects of dementia, but instead, liver sickness. “There is no indication of me having dementia at this phase of my life. It was finished liquor harming,” he admitted to a maker only days before his passing. “The truth of the matter is that I lied about my drinking. I did this to myself to conceal the bitterness and the vacancy.”

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